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Evidence of collaborators, calculating income and generating income statement 205

  • track of collaborators
  • track of payments
  • transfer of payments to banks
  • instantaneous calculation of contributions and taxes from gross or net amount, according to the particular situation of each person (according to the Tax Code)
  • generates reports and files containing the income statement 205 per types of income

Issuance and management of invoices, proform invoices, notices and receipts

  • license doesn't expire, is valid for life
  • issues and manages invoices, proforma invoices, notes and receipts
    • documents look exactly like the preprinted ones
    • documents can be printed in Romanian, English and Romanian/English
  • can be used by several companies  at the same time
  • automatically generates invoices based on proform invoices,  notes and receipts
  • allows cashing the invoice simultaneously, by generating the corresponding receipt
  • allows the use of multiple VAT rates within the same invoice
  • generates the 394 STATEMENT regarding VAT
  • automatically saves your data

Trial Versions operates without restriction for 5 days, during which you can use all the features.

Employee and contract records, payroll and salary statements

  • employee records (personal information, salary, etc.)
  • record of employment contracts (in accordance with REVISAL)
  • instantaneous calculation of wages, contributions (CAS, health, unemployment) and revenue tax
  • calculation of sickness benefit
  • calculating 2% and annual awards
  • generating bank remittance files
  • track of salary slips
  • payroll, flyers, summaries
  • D112 statement on social contributions (XML file and A1, A1.1 and A1.2 annexes)
  • generates the General Employees Register to be submitted to ITM
  • generates the revenue tax records according to legal regulations
  • recalculation of salaries in the case of wage increases that occurred after the payment of wages or corrections

Evidence of fixed assets and inventory items

  • track of assets (fixed assets, inventory items, intangible assets)

  • track of company's locations

  • track of categories of property 

  • calculation of the depreciation of fixed assets

The application contains the coded catalog of fixed assets as required by law, divided into groups, subgroups, classes, subclasses, families, subfamilies.